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– The European Standard –

– Quality – Comfort – Design – Affordability –

– First class horse transport  –


For the past 25 years, Cheval liberté has been manufacturing trailers in Europe.

It is designed to provide high levels of comfort
and safety for the transport of your  horses.

Safe and effortless towing, the range of trailers is very user friendly
and easy to handle.

Cheval Liberté is the leading brand on its market in Europe.


Established in France in 1995, Cheval Liberté has been developed by people with a passion for horses, being both riders and breeders. The company’s main focus is to create products that are practical, strong and stylish, to meet the needs of horse owners, trainers and riders at all levels, whether amateur or professional.

The Cheval Liberté range has been developed with the close cooperation of engineers who are concerned above everything else with the comfort and security of your horses. The safety, functionality, robustness and aesthetics are key in the design and construction processes of all our products, from the smallest to the most sophisticated trailer.


This exciting exclusive range of horse trailers is NOW

available for sale in South Africa.