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Cheval Liberté has been manufacturing horse trailers for 25 years and is the  European leader in its market with combined equestrian activities.

The production of trailers is the result of combining multiple skills plus the constant control of modern technologies. Cheval Liberté’s power mainly lies in the means of production integration and careful component selections.

With it’s experience in the field of composite materials, Cheval Liberté has a fully automated polyester chain, thereby optimizing products quality. This powerful tool at the cutting edge of current technology allows Cheval Liberté to be the first manufacturer to offer series production trailers with full polyester body.

The metal frames are welded by the latest generation of welding robots guaranteeing robustness and reliability. Whatever the model, the chassis of each trailer is perfectly balanced. Indeed, the load is distributed across the trailer, avoiding any excessive concentration of weight that would cause imbalance.

The design of Cheval Liberté trailers appears very modern and fluid. The use of composite materials contributes greatly to the weight reduction of our trailers without losing volume.

Cheval Liberté has a consulting firm composed of talented engineers that design innovative products at the forefront of technology using the most advanced materials in the manufacture of trailers.

Cheval Liberté has the desire to always meet each customers expectation with though quality controls through out the production of each trailer and a quality approach regularly submitting its products to be tested by the equestrian profesionnal press.

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