Maxi 2

Maxi 2


A herringbone two-horse trailer without the compromises.

The DuoMax offers an exceptional interior volume which allows horses not to feel trapped.
The diagonal position makes it easier for horses to find their balance since it rests on the entire undercarriage of the trailer.
The Pullman 2 suspension fitted to the DuoMax reduces vibrations for real comfort for horses while traveling. It also provides exceptional handling and allows for a smooth journey.


August 2020 price : R 330 000.00 Incl VAT

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Protection and comfort of the horse

  • Two-part partition aluminum partition with head separation and leather closing strap
  • 2 off-side opening window flaps with sliding windows incorporated
  • Opening window flap above front ramp with sliding window incorporated
  • Sliding window on the near side
  • Pullman 2 Suspension, coil spring and gas struct mechanism for minimal box movement and noise


  • Aluminium for strength and longevity.
  • Anti-slip rubber mat glued to the floor
  • Easy maintenance


  • Aerodynamically shaped molded polyester one-piece front and roof
  • Integral reinforcing members in the roof
  • Rear cover with automatic Air-tech roller for easy, quality ventilation and airflow


  • Anodized Aluminum box section sides for strength and longevity.

Loading Facilities

  • Combination rear ramp/door. Can be opened as a ramp or barn door, whichever your horses prefer.
  • Front unloading ramp for easy unloading
  • Light & airy interior with rear and front unloading to minimise the risk of horses feeling claustrophobic, encouraging easy loading.

Large Built-In Tack Room

  • With facilities to store tack, equipment and your luggage, you can save space in the towing vehicle and safely lock away your possessions whilst traveling and competing. With vanity mirror and storage on the interior of the tack room door, you can get ready in ease


  • Total Length: 5,03 m
  • Total Width: 2,29 m
  • Total Height: 2,72 m
  • Inside Length: 3,78 m
  • Inside Width: 1,81 m
  • Inside Height: 2,25 m
  • Empty Weight: 960 kg
  • M.G.W: 2600 kg
  • Dimensions and Weights Are Guides Only
  • Tested and approved with two 900kg horses

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