Trailer cover

Exclusively brought to you by Cheval Liberté SA


CAPA, The world renowned horse trailer covers now available on order.
Made in Germany, exclusively imported by Cheval Liberté SA

Your ultimate all-weather protection cover !

Weather your trailer stand uncovered at home or at the yard,
Protect your asset !


capa trailer cover grey

capa drawbar grey





The problem is just as old as carriages are:

Due to their height, horse trailers are being generally parked outside lacking of covered parking. Consequently, they are all year long exposed to the weather. They are also usually not even moved after the tournament season. As a result, even new, high-quality synthetically trailers are being after a while exposed to sunlight and rain. Consequently, they become:

  • dirty
  • algae and moos-covered ,
  • yellowed
  • beamless.

However, beside of the optical aspect is the safety more important: because of the inlet of rainwater, the carriage is damaged by the slow and permanent decay of the spoil. The CAPA cover sheet for horse carriages offers you the perfect solution

  • light (only 5 kg),
  • almost waterproof ,
  • breathable,
  • UV resistant,
  • can be used for all common types of horse carriages

and has the following advantages:
year-round protection (outside and inside) against all weather conditions:

  • value preservation of your old carriage
  • easy handling in “taking on and off”,
  • anytime access to all openings of your horse trailer,
  • no “acrobatic” cleaning of the trailer roof necessary,
  • on demand effective advertising design possible (by printings or sew on patches).

*The term CAPA comes from the Latin and designates a medieval garment, which served as rain protection in the 14th century.